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PrintFlex Graphics specializes in turning challenges into victories. Learn more about how we’ve worked with clients through the years to overcome hurdles and develop creative on-pack and in-pack solutions to get and keep their customers attention. 

Creative Collaboration Helps Labels Stick to Frozen Product Packaging

Melting ice cream isn’t only a factor for the person enjoying the ice cream, but a chief concern of manufacturers and distributors of frozen food ...
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Transforming a Premier Chemical Manufacturers’ Products to Fit in New Commercial Industry Space

In 2020, the demand for hand sanitizer increased by 1,400% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specializing in chemical manufacturing for industrial hard surface cleaning and ...
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Got Milk? Think Nationally, Promote Regionally

A large national dairy purchased a small Midwest dairy. The businesses knew they needed to capitalize on each brand’s strengths and recognition within the appropriate ...
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Experience Is Key when Applying Wicketed Bags Labels

Boxes and cans are simple to apply labels to because the surface is even and stable. But what about flexible packaging like wicketed bags for ...
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Put it in a Pouch: Instruction Manual Idea to Overcome Packaging Challenges

Instruction manuals are a part of life. From the toys we buy our kids to the “some assembly required” furniture we buy, almost every product ...
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Flag Labels Get PoS Attention Affordably and Quickly

Coupons can be very effective point-of-sale (POS) promotions. In fact, 88% of consumers surveyed in 2020 said they had used a coupon for shopping that ...
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