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Improving Adhesive Window Signs with the Right Vendors and Technologies 

A long-time printing and graphics customer of ours produces a lot of promotional kits and display signage for retailers, including signs and graphics for window displays. When a new opportunity to complete a window graphic project for one of the largest physical discount retailers in the country arose, our client knew their current processes had some shortcomings that would cause big issues with this large and highly visible job.

CHALLENGE — Sticky Logistical Issues with Adhesive Window Signs

Our client came to PrintFlex looking to solve some pre-existing logistical challenges and problems with the double-sided tape they’d used for similar projects that required adhesive window signage. 

First, they wanted to automate their adhesive process. At the time, they produced these graphics at a large volume and attached the adhesive to each sign by hand. This was adding up in time, coordination and cost for them. 

In addition to needing to be manually applied after production, the double-sided tape they were using left behind a residue that was difficult to clean. They needed a cost-effective alternative adhesive strong enough to display the graphics in the store windows yet easy to remove. 

SOLUTION — A New Adhesive, a New Process

For this particular display challenge, we found an innovative solution with an existing adhesive that wasn’t commonly utilized for this application. We worked closely with our suppliers until we found the right material. Throughout this process we collaborated with our client, providing them with different adhesive samples to test. 

After finding the right adhesive, we used our technical experience to reconfigure our press to apply the adhesive to the graphics during the printing process. As a result, the graphics were delivered to our client ready to hang. 

We also paid particular attention to the inks used because window displays are exposed to sunlight. These projects require inks that can stand the test of time in that environment. Our color-fast inks are UV-resistant so the graphics can remain in the window for months at a time without fading or degrading. Our team also made sure that the graphics would absorb pen or marker ink per the client’s request and ordered the proper coating. 

RESULT — Increased Efficiency and Quality Signage

Our experienced and creative team was able to save our client time and money. Our industry awareness and knowledge helped find an adhesive solution more quickly than other vendors. The new adhesive and printing process reduced manual labor for our client, who could then easily package and ship the display kits to the stores. The automated process engineered by PrintFlex cut our client’s overall production time in half. 

PrintFlex Graphics can partner with other printing companies and direct-mail houses to work as an extension of your team — either working indirectly as a resource or working directly with the customer. Whatever works best for your unique scenario.