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Reaching School Supporters with a Unique Direct Mail Piece

From soon-to-be freshmen to current students to alumni, people love their school. Supporters will often go out of their way to show their ties to a school — displaying flags on their homes, wearing school colors regularly and, the classic, sticking bumper stickers onto their cars.

If a school is looking for a boost in marketing, one of the best tricks in the book is to get supporters to do the marketing by showing their support. Our client, a large state school, wanted to do this by sending supporters a bumper sticker along with some additional information.

CHALLENGE — Making sure recipients see the valuable sticker

In addition to the school-branded bumper sticker, our client wanted to mail out information about their new aquatic facility and admissions. We knew if we put all this into an envelope, the recipients would throw out the entire package completely missing the valuable sticker. Our goal was for the receiver to see the added value item right away — like with a postcard.

SOLUTION — A postcard sticker

A postcard-like mailer was what we decided was needed. So, our team at PrintFlex came up with a solution successfully marrying postcard stock and vinyl bumper sticker material into one unique printing surface. This surface proved suitable for variable inkjet addressing and was weather resistant for outdoor use. Even better, the stickers had a repositionable adhesive, which meant they could be peeled off cleanly and reapplied by users.

We printed the postcard to include all the information about the new facility and admissions, plus added a large bumper sticker as well as three smaller stickers for supporters to show their love for the school. This full package was carefully sized by our team to meet U.S. postal requirements.

RESULT — School supporters stick around

The new and totally unique postcard met multiple goals: showed prospective students and incoming freshmen new features and benefits of the school, notified them of scholarship application deadlines in a fun way, and gave them a trinket to show their pride. Plus, the school received lots of recognition, awareness and promotion from students using the stickers.