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PrintFlex Graphics specializes in turning challenges into victories. Learn more about how we’ve worked with clients through the years to overcome hurdles and develop creative on-pack and in-pack solutions to get and keep their customers attention. 

Put it in a Pouch: Instruction Manual Idea to Overcome Packaging Challenges

Instruction manuals are a part of life. From the toys we buy our kids to the “some assembly required” furniture we buy, almost every product ...
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Flag Labels Get PoS Attention Affordably and Quickly

Coupons can be very effective point-of-sale (POS) promotions. In fact, 88% of consumers surveyed in 2020 said they had used a coupon for shopping that ...
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“Hang Up” Bottle Neck Tags Draw Attention Without Covering Labels

Product packaging is an artform all to itself. The real estate is limited and precious, so text, logos, and design are carefully chosen and blended ...
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Theater Seat Sticker Helps Communicate Safety Measures as Moviegoers Returned

In March 2020, entertainment venues temporarily halted operations to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through the United States. As consumers became accustomed to social ...
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Using Secondary Label Locations to Stand Out Among the Competition

CHALLENGE – Secondary Promotional Label Application that Keeps Up with Production Times We’ve seen it before: marketing comes up with a brilliant idea for a ...
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Making Cross Promotional Ideas a Reality

Increasing sales can be done in numerous ways. Cross promotion between two products is a great opportunity for two companies to benefit with increased sales ...
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