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Got Milk? Think Nationally, Promote Regionally

A large national dairy purchased a small Midwest dairy. The businesses knew they needed to capitalize on each brand’s strengths and recognition within the appropriate markets. While this would offer several business and promotional benefits, it was going to be complicated to put into practice across an assortment of products and packaging.

CHALLENGE — Marketing and Promoting Multiple Milks

The marketing office based on the West coast needed to be able to quickly and efficiently apply coupons to multiple packages of multiple brands located in multiple plants and running on multiple filling lines. When dealing with milk, the assortment of options such as 1%, 2%, whole, low fat, skim and plant-based milks, like soy, multiply exponentially with various package sizes, types and brands.

PrintFlex Graphics started by working closely with plant operations, gaining their confidence. Our team proved themselves a trusted partner in marketing who respected the efficiency and timeliness production lines needed to maintain.

SOLUTION — Partnering to Maintain Speed and Efficiency

PrintFlex helped the project engineer and project manager ensure everything hit the required marks: speeds, adhesive, line positions and more. Our team conducted a detailed engineering line analysis at both plants to determine what equipment was needed and provided a turnkey solution by leasing that equipment to the customer.

In addition, PrintFlex worked with different shifts to train them on the leased equipment: how it works, how to turn it on and off, how to thread it, how to fix it, how to troubleshoot problems, and how to address other issues that may arise.

RESULT — Positive Milk Promotion

The end result was consistent application of coupons and labels across regions, lines, brands and packaging. There was zero negative feedback and absolutely no noise, which in production terms is a huge success. From a cost standpoint, the client received a high-level engineered solution, rather than a simple price-per-piece bid, while adding marketing value.