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PrintFlex Graphics specializes in turning challenges into victories. Learn more about how we’ve worked with clients through the years to overcome hurdles and develop creative on-pack and in-pack solutions to get and keep their customers attention. 

Recalibrating for Recovery: Best Practices for Credit Card Manufacturing and Promotion

Credit and debit cards are more prevalent today than ever. That prevalence has led to evolutionary changes in how frequently consumers use them. The COVID-19 ...
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Sustaining Sales and Building Brand Loyalty in 2021

Leverage Package Based Promotions to Maximize Product Strategies As the world works toward rolling out vaccinations and the economy re-opens, the National Retail Federation forecasts between ...
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Working with Outsourced Printing Partners

It happens all the time in printing and promotions: You have a client who gets all excited about a new project. But there is some ...
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On-Pack Promotions in a Post-2020 World: Is There a Silver Bullet for Success?

The pandemic has changed everything: the way we learn, the way we work, the way we shop…and the way the supply chain functions (or in ...
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Our Specialized Experience Bridges the Right Vendors and Technologies on Behalf of Our Clients

PrintFlex was able to leverage our extensive vendor relationships and find an ideal adhesive for window display kits on behalf of a longstanding customer.  Our ...
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How Can We Help You?

The PrintFlex Graphics team specializes in helping our customers overcome a variety of on-pack and in-pack communications challenges, and we can help you too.