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Experience Is Key when Applying Wicketed Bags Labels

Boxes and cans are simple to apply labels to because the surface is even and stable. But what about flexible packaging like wicketed bags for items like potatoes, fresh produce, bread and ice? This is the story of how PrintFlex Graphics overcomes the label application challenges posed by flexible surfaces, and why customers have come to trust us for bagged product promotions that won’t slow down or jam their bag forming line. 

CHALLENGE — Flexible Packaging Surface, Hard to Access Application Area

Flexible surfaces make it hard to access the exact area where a label or coupon is to be applied. The uneven surface of wicketed bags also means it’s challenging to get a label to stick. When applying a label or coupon to a flexible surface, it is imperative customers use the right kind of label with the right adhesive and orientation so the bag forming process does not jam. 

SOLUTION — Applying Labels before Filling Wicketed Bags

For our customers looking to add a label or coupon to wicketed bags, PrintFlex Graphics applies the label or coupon as the wicketed bags are being made — before they’re shipped to the packaging plant to be filled. 

Our experienced team understands how this equipment works and how to interface an applicator to the bag making process. This solution means we can add a label or coupon on the top, side or end of the wicketed bag. The PrintFlex team carefully considers the variables to make sure everything is correct and in place so that there is no line stoppage or downtime.

RESULT — Less Labor, Less Downtime

By applying the label or coupon before the bags are filled with product, there is virtually no interference to the production line. This reduces labor and downtime that would result from applying labels or coupons as part of the filling process. 

Our years of experience working with many different customers means we can find solutions to almost any labeling challenge. Our expertise and longevity also enables us to integrate the equipment with a customer’s process so you can implement your promotion with less labor and less downtime. As a single-source one-stop-shop, we partner with our customers to find the perfect solution for their particular labeling needs.