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High Speed Labeling Solution That Won’t Slow Down Production

In our line of work, we’re often balancing the expectations of a variety of people within a company. The well-meaning desires of brand managers and product marketers can sometimes run into friction when they need to be applied to real world processes. This is the story of how PrintFlex Graphics helped bridge the gap between the marketing and production teams at one of the largest canned food manufacturers in the world.  

CHALLENGE – Applying Labels Without Hindering Production

Our customer was the marketing team at a well-known food producer who wanted to run a package-based promotion to share an offer and boost sales. A job like that requires specific equipment, but even the best equipment is going to cause problems in a high-speed production line if you have to constantly stop the line to switch out the rolls and get rid of the waste after the label or coupon is applied. 

Running at high speeds is a competitive advantage for customers like this. Whether the product is soup, vegetables, pet food, or tuna, you can’t afford to shut down (or even slow down) the line constantly to get a coupon or label applied. Maintaining high speeds of production was imperative. 

SOLUTION – Dense Pack Continuous Operation for High Speed Labeling 

Luckily for our customer, PrintFlex Graphics has seen a thing or two. And over the years, we’ve spearheaded our fair share of innovation in our industry. One of those innovations is a process we developed called Dense Pack Continuous Operation. 

This process eliminates the hassles of changing rolls and removing waste. Instead, you use a very concentrated amount of labels lined up in rows inside a box. These “fan folds” of labels allow lines to run uninterrupted, and the liner waste from labels is vacuumed and siphoned into a trash can. There’s no stoppage or downtime because the process eliminates switching and changing. 

RESULTS – A High Speed Labeling Solution that Keeps the Line Moving

Our Dense Pack Continuous Operation process makes high speed labeling possible, without slowing down the line. This meant the customer could run continuously without stopping to change applicator rolls or remove waste. The equipment can now keep pace with the fastest production lines and deliver consistent results. With Dense Pack Continuous operation, equipment can handle 1,500 units per minute just as easily as 200 units per minute. 

With PrintFlex Graphics, you get engineering and printing all under one roof. Check out the video below to see Dense Pack Continuous Operation in action: