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Label Finishing Solutions from PrintFlex Graphics

The printing industry is unique, with its own language and processes and that can sometimes be intimidating to marketing professionals who don’t purchase printed promotions every day. As a result, customers in this industry often cater to the capabilities of the printer instead of getting the service they actually want or need. They compromise, simply because they don’t know other options might exist. 

This is the story of how PrintFlex Graphics goes the extra mile to dig deep and understand what our customers are trying to accomplish, so we can provide exceptional service and “You can do that for me?”   inducing surprises for our customers. 

CHALLENGE – Label Finishing is a Hassle

Printers are in the habit of competing on price. So, they often bid projects in the most cost-effective manner possible. And that’s a good thing. You want to work with a printer who is honest and willing to provide you with a budget-friendly price. However, this often leads to them shipping your labels out to you without having considered the finishing work your team will still need to do to create the necessary rolls, strips, or sheets to apply the labels to the product and distribute to multiple locations for application. 

Label finishing work is often time consuming and labor intensive, especially if it’s not something you do every day. In short, it’s a hassle. 

SOLUTION – Label Finishing Services Hand You the Baton Closer to the Finish Line 

PrintFlex Graphics has the expertise and equipment to take your labels from printing press to ready-to-use, according to your specifications. And paying a little extra for our finishing work will pay dividends in the time and resources you save not having to do it yourself. From fully automatic, to semi-automatic, to hand-applied, we can deliver your product the way you need it: 

  • Dense Pack (fan fold) for zero downtime high volume auto applications
  • Large rolls up to 18” OD for auto application
  • Smaller OD rolls depending on the specification of the applicator or dispenser 
  • Small rolls from 10 to 1,000 pieces for hand application
  • Strips or Sheets for ease of shipping in envelops 
  • Shrink wrapping in bundles for ease of handling 
  • Drop ship to a distribution list of a few or hundreds of locations throughout the country

We can provide 6” to 18” rolls, strips, sheets, dense packs, small rolls from 10 to 1,000 pieces, and a whole lot more. We can then shrink wrap and drop ship to your distribution list at locations throughout the country. 

We take the time to understand up front what success looks like for you, and provide label finishing solutions designed to help you reach it as efficiently as possible. We also offer in-house labeling services if you need support with the actual application of labels to your product.  

RESULTS – Label Finishing Solutions to Save You Resources, Time, and Money

In a world where many of our customers are operating with less than a full staff, your people’s time is not a resource you can afford to waste. PrintFlex’s label finishing solutions take work off your plate and put it in the experienced, capable, and efficient hands of our team. No more turning large rolls into smaller rolls, strips and sheets. Instead of getting the labels the way the printer provides them, you can receive them how you need them. It just makes sense to leave the finishing work to PrintFlex Graphics, reducing your time to market and freeing up your team for other priorities. 

Ready to put PrintFlex to work for you? Contact us today to talk through your next project and learn all the way PrintFlex can make life easier for you and your team.