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Making Cross Promotional Ideas a Reality

Increasing sales can be done in numerous ways. Cross promotion between two products is a great opportunity for two companies to benefit with increased sales and awareness. But as with any opportunity, there are considerations to keep in mind. 

Our client wanted to drive battery sales and partnered with iTunes, who wanted to drive music downloads. To make this an ideal cross promotion, the on-pack marketing was going to be critical.

CHALLENGE — Anti-Theft Cross Promotion

Since the cross promotion was a desirable iTunes download offer, our client knew it was important to prevent theft in a retail environment. In addition, the on-pack promotion piece needed to stick squarely on top of, and not extend beyond the sides of, the “blister-card” packaging. So not only did the promotion piece require correct sizing, but the actual placement on the package needed to be perfect as well.

SOLUTION — Tamper Resistant On-Pack Promotion

After meeting with the battery company, PrintFlex Graphics determined a fully encapsulated and tamper-resistant on-pack promotion would be the ideal solution. The on-pack promotion required consumers to remove the packaging to access the iTunes download information.

Additional measures were taken to ensure the cross promotion ran smoothly: The download information on each on-pack promotional piece was printed with variable data so no duplication could occur. Through our solution, every on-pack promotion piece was uniquely identified, fully encapsulated and sealed for security, and also formatted small enough to fit on the front of a blister pack card.

RESULT — Increased Sales Without Increasing Risk of Theft

The cross promotion with iTunes increased battery sales and alleviated the customer’s concerns about increased theft. To top it off, the promotion followed major retailers’ POP and POS rules and “clean store policies.” By tying into market trends, the battery company was able to raise awareness and establish their brand with a younger market segment.

We worked closely with our customer’s team to make sure we considered every aspect of this promotion and ensured our solution answered the challenge as completely as possible. The successful on-pack promotion led to a successful cross promotion for both companies involved.