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Pallet Base Wrap Dresses Up Skids for Retail Display

The retail environment is more competitive than ever, with multiple name brands and store brands in the same category all competing for the customer’s attention and money. With inflation sending shoppers into a more price-conscious mindset, it’s more important than ever that food and beverage brands go out of their ...
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PrintFlex is First in North America to Tap New Technology from Gallus, a HEIDELBERG Company

PrintFlex, a flexographic print solutions company, is the first in North America to install new print technology from Gallus, a HEIDELBERG Company, a leading, global manufacturer of printing presses. The Gallus One, an advanced digital label press, expands PrintFlex’s ability to produce short run labeling projects in an efficient and ...
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Extended Content Labels Help You Say More with the Same Space

Product packaging and labeling is premium real estate. Marketing and product professionals are often challenged with finding the room to communicate everything they want to say or are required to say about a product with limited space. In this article we’ll explore extended content labels (ECLs) and some of the ...
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Instant Redeemable Coupons Help You Win the War for Shelf Attention

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) business is a competitive one. Choice is the name of the game, and any given category can have as many as a dozen different brands competing for attention on shelves and in the hearts of consumers. With the rising costs of everything from soup to ...
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Increase Sales Through Cross-Promotions with These Simple Rules

Every person today is being sold to, in one way or another, pretty much all the time. Whether on their phones, browsing the internet at work, or simply walking through a commercial area, there are dozens of sales messages all trying to break through to consumers and capture their attention. ...
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