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Peel and Reseal Made Easy with Hinge Labels

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” – Albert Einstein

There was a time, not too long ago, when a product label was just a product label. It had a finite amount of space on it for you to place a logo, and a few additional selling points. But as competition and regulatory requirements have evolved, so has a need for more space on product labels. We marketers needed to look at the packaging we’d been using for generations and see a new solution. For a number of PrintFlex customers, that solution has been peel and reseal hinge labels.

You may be familiar with hinge labels. They’re being used today by many of the best-known brands in the world. But you may not be aware of all the different ways they can be leveraged to solve customer communication challenges. In this article, we’ll explore what hinge labels are and provide some tips for how we’ve helped other customers creatively use them to reach more customers with the right information.

Peel and reseal hinge label

What are Hinge Labels?

Hinge labels are labels that can be peeled back from your product’s packaging to communicate with customers when a product is being used, and resealed when in storage. They allow CPG companies to share important information without compromising brand identity with fine print. They are aptly named because, just like a door, they are “hinged,” allowing users to open and close them multiple times as needed.

Applications for Peel and Reseal Hinge Labels

The options are endless when it comes to how you might use resealable hinge labels. Here are a few examples from other customers to serve as inspiration:

  • Regulatory Compliance – Meet even the most stringent regulatory communication requirements in product labeling without compromising you branding.
  • Product Instructions – Not all products can be used without through instructions. Hinge labels can give you valuable real estate to communicate in greater detail with customers. They also work great for providing instructions in multiple languages.
  • Recipes – Give your customers new ideas for how to use your product! Recipes make a great addition to product packaging, and they’re easy to add with hinge labels.
  • Medical Information or Product Warnings – Communicate in detail any warnings customers need to be aware of in order to use your product safely.

PrintFlex Graphics is Your Partner in Peel and Reseal Label Solutions

Perhaps an application from the list above has sparked your curiosity and taken you down a path of ways you could be using hinge labels. Or perhaps it hasn’t. Either way, PrintFlex can help. When it comes to bringing your product labeling ideas to life, there’s not a better team in the industry. But we also excel at problem solving. We’ve worked with countless customers who brought us problems they couldn’t see a solution for. The PrintFlex team knows what’s possible and, more importantly, knows that often “impossible” is a temporary state. We’d love to work with you to develop a peel and reseal hinge label solution perfect for what you need to achieve.