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Pallet Base Wrap Dresses Up Skids for Retail Display

The retail environment is more competitive than ever, with multiple name brands and store brands in the same category all competing for the customer’s attention and money. With inflation sending shoppers into a more price-conscious mindset, it’s more important than ever that food and beverage brands go out of their way to stand out from the crowd. In this article we’ll explore one way companies can leverage a new offering from PrintFlex to bring excitement to even the least exciting retail displays with pallet base wrap.

Pallet Base Wrap Transforms Boring Skids into Product Displays

They’ve become a creative canvas for Pinterest fans and art hobbyists in recent years, but there’s nothing inherently attractive about a plain pallet in a retail store.  PrintFlex wants to help food and beverage companies and retailers change all that with pallet base wrap. Base wrap is an affordable and easy way to decorate a pallet and transform it into an attractive retail display with your company’s logo or promotional graphics in stores.

custom pallet base wrap

What Makes PrintFlex Pallet Base Wrap Unique?

You may be tempted to think all pallet base wrap is the same. But the PrintFlex difference comes down to a new piece of technology in our facility that no other company in North America has: the Gallus One digital label press from Heidelberg.  The Gallus One is an advanced digital label press that has expanded our ability to cost-effectively serve a wider variety of customers and needs.

This highly evolved digital press differentiates the pallet base wrap we’re able to produce in two major ways:

There’s No Gap in Our Pallet Base Wrap

Because the Gallus One is a digital press, it’s able to print pallet base wrap continuously with no breaks or gaps in the design. The Gallus One also accommodates pallet base wrap up to 13” wide, offering a larger footprint for your logo or design in the retail environment.

Short Run Fun with the Gallus One

Another limitation with traditional flexographic printing for pallet base wrap is that short runs were not economical. So, if you only had a limited retail presence or just wanted to test a wrap in a few select markets, it was difficult to find a pallet base wrap option that aligned with your budget. The digital technology of the Gallus One opens up pallet base wrap (and a wide variety of other capabilities) as an option to a whole new audience. Manufacturers and retailers alike can now produce as much or as little pallet base wrap they need for a particular application.

pallet base wrap Your Partner in Short Run Continuous Pallet Base Wrap

Of course, PrintFlex is your partner in a lot of things when it comes to the retail environment, from instant redeemable coupons to extended content labels to FDA-approved food grade inserts. Thanks to the capabilities of the Gallus One and our expert team, we’re also now your partner in developing eye-catching pallet base wrap for retail displays. Reach out to our team to get the conversation started!