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Printed Label Leave Behinds Maximize Marketing Opportunities

Brand managers and product marketers treat their product packaging as if it’s the most valuable real estate in the world, and for good reason. Product packaging is proven to heavily impact the decisions we make, both consciously and subconsciously, when we’re browsing for items on a store shelf.  

Part of that packaging equation is something we specialize in, peel-off labels. These labels are used to communicate any number of messages to potential customers. They’re often used to provide coupons and recipes or make cross-sell offers. But they can also be a convenient way to provide instructions and necessary legal or compliance information. We’ve seen clients put incredible attention to the details that are included on the peel-off label. But until recently, not much attention was paid to the label leave behind that remained on the package. 

This is the story of how PrintFlex Graphics can help clients maximize the branding on their product in a new and unexpected way. 

CHALLENGE – Maximizing Valuable Packaging Real Estate

The label leave behind has historically been an afterthought in retail promotions. We spend a lot of time and effort on the messaging and appearance of the offer. But the label is often removed at the checkout counter, never to be seen again by the customer. But the label leave behind? That stays put for the life of the product and is seen by customers every time they use it. For that reason, you could argue the label leave behind is even more valuable than the label itself when it comes to reaching your customers. 

SOLUTION – Overcoming Clear Label Leave Behinds

Instead of the typical clear label leave behind, PrintFlex Graphics is now helping clients create white printed leave behinds to communicate a secondary, but often just as valuable, message. These labels can show new products that are coming soon, cross-sell other related products in the brand family, offer QR codes to online experiences, and so much more. It could even be used to say Thank You to your customers for choosing your product. Label leave behinds present our clients with a new opportunity to deliver a lasting message. 

RESULTS – Label Leave Behinds that Add Value

This new development is leading customers to think about peel-off labels, and particularly the label leave behinds, in a whole new way. You know what you want to communicate from the store shelf. But what message would you like to reinforce with your customers on their pantry or fridge shelf in the days or weeks ahead when they’ll be reaching for your product? The ability to put additional information on prime packaging real estate is just another new and creative way PrintFlex Graphics is helping clients reach customers and increase engagement after the purchase. 

Come with your own ideas or lean on the PrintFlex Graphics team to help you come up with the perfect leave behind label message. We love a good challenge, and we look forward to helping you reach your customers in new and exciting ways.