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Our Specialized Experience Bridges the Right Vendors and Technologies on Behalf of Our Clients

PrintFlex was able to leverage our extensive vendor relationships and find an ideal adhesive for window display kits on behalf of a longstanding customer. 

Our Customer

A long-time printing and graphics customer of ours produces a lot of promotional kits and display signage for retailers. They often produce signs and graphics for window displays. When a new opportunity to complete a window graphics project for one of the largest physical discount retailers in the country arose, they were confronted with an old problem. They turned to us to solve some pre-existing logistical challenges, as well as legacy problems with the double-sided tape they’d used for other such orders in the past. 

The Challenge 

The double-sided tape they were previously using left behind a residue that was difficult to clean. They needed a fast and cost-effective alternative adhesive that was powerful enough to display the graphics in the store windows and also would be easy to remove. 

Our client needed to cut down on a time-consuming manual process. In the past, they produced these graphics at a large volume and attached the adhesive by hand to each sign. This was obviously costing them quite a bit of time, coordination, and additional cost. 

They turned to us for both a solution for the adhesive, and a way to automate the adhesive process. Although we’d never executed a project like this, our team collaborated and used our experience and creativity to come up with a solution, and complete the entire process in a single step. 

Our Path to Results

Because of our relationships and knowledge, our team was able to innovate a creative solution for this particular display challenge, using an existing adhesive that wasn’t commonly utilized for this type of application. The solution was working with our current suppliers until we uncovered the right material. We collaborated closely with our client, providing them with a variety of different tape samples and options that they were able to test easily until they found a suitable solution. 

We used our technical experience to reconfigure our press to apply the adhesive to the graphics (and die-cut them) during the printing process, so they were delivered to our client ready to hang. This created much less manual labor for our client, who could easily package and ship each display kit to each store. 

When we work with signage that’s going to hang in a window, we pay particular attention to the inks that we use, because fading and damage is that much more likely. Window displays are exposed to UV light all day and require inks that can stand the test of time in that environment. Lastly, our team knew to spec out the entire order so that the graphics would absorb pen or marker ink (a particular necessity for this display) and took great care to order the proper coating. 

The Results

Due to our experience and history, our team was able to save our client quite a bit of time and money. Our industry awareness and knowledge led them to an appropriate adhesive product within two months, far less time than other vendors were able to source.

Additionally, they had a turnkey sign that was display-ready as soon as it was delivered to each store. The automated process that we engineered cut their overall production time in half. 

Our color-fast inks are also UV-resistant so that the graphics themselves can remain in the window for months at a time without fading or degrading. Because of our attention to detail, each sign can be written on, a critical feature for this particular job and client. 

PrintFlex Graphics can partner with other printing companies and direct-mail houses to work as an extension of the printing companies’ and direct-mail houses’ capabilities—either working indirectly as a resource or working directly with the customer as a referral. 

Please let us know how we can partner with you and solve your printing and graphics challenges today.