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Extended Text Labels Solve Chemical Company’s Communication Needs

Our customers don’t really think of PrintFlex Graphics as a printing company. They think of us as problem solvers. So, we’ve been called on to help companies in a variety of industries solve a wide range of communications problems through the years. This is the story of a client who recently leaned on us for help with creating an extended text label that could meet a variety of stringent requirements. 

CHALLENGE – An Extended Text Label that Checks All the Boxes

There are a lot of different uses for extended text labels. You often see them stuck to the side of packaging, and they usually include multiple coupons or detailed instructions. PrintFlex was approached by one of the world’s largest chemical companies to develop an extended text label that would: 

  • provide explicit and thorough instructions on how to use and dispose of the product
  • stick to the side of multiple sizes and types of packaging
  • not dramatically increase the width of the product
  • allow the end user to peel and reseal multiple times

It would be no small feat, but it was a challenge we were prepared to face head on. Our team instantly got to work on developing the appropriate solution. 

SOLUTION – Putting our Extended Text Label Experience to Work 

PrintFlex Graphics is ideally suited for this type of customer. Our collective experience and expertise makes us the perfect partner for designing solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements and parameters. We worked with the customer to arrive at the perfect type and amount of adhesive to use to meet peeling and resealing requirements on a variety of package shapes, sizes, and materials. 

We were also able to work with them to create a booklet that maximized the volume of information while minimizing the added bulk of the extended text label. We developed a solution that would allow for information to be added or removed from the booklets as needed. After testing various fonts and text sizes, we were also able to achieve the marketing design and brand requirements of the customer. 

RESULTS – Extended Text Labels That Look Like They Belong on the Package

PrintFlex Graphics worked closely together with our customer to not only produce the extended text booklet labels our customer needed, but to also make sure they worked correctly in the environments they’d be used. They firmly stuck and did not release during shipment and stocking, something brand managers and product marketers need to be able to count on. They complimented the packaging design, and consumers found them usable and informative, which made the project a success.