Thermal Transfer Labels

Rolls of thermal transfer labels are available for purchase from PrintFlex Graphics. Buy both paper labels or synthetic labels. Paper labels cost less and are used in a variety of printing applications. Synthentic labels have longer lasting durability. They resist tear, abrasion, and wet, dry, hot or cold elements.

Proven Thermal Transfer Label Success

Thermal transfer printing of labels works by heating individual pixels on the print head. This process melts the ink and fuses (or transfers) it to the label immediately. Thermal transfer ribbons are required for thermal transfer labels and thermal printers are used. The thermal printer’s long life-span and ability to use a wide variety of materials is ideal for any kind of printing. Even rugged materials for outdoors!

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

Because printing is our full time occupation, we manufacture labels for many different companies. Instead of working with only one industry, PrintFlex manufactures labels for end users that work in many different fields. If you know exactly what you want and just need a price, then we can do that. If you aren’t sure what you might need or you are looking to improve on what you have done before, then we can help.

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