Print and Apply

Do you need to combine thermal printing with an automatic applicator? A print and apply system has a thermal printer integrated into a label applicator to form a self-contained unit. At high speeds, variable information is printed on pressure sensitive labels before it is automatically applied to a specific product area.

Proven Print and Apply Success

PrintFlex Graphics sells not only standard printer applicators, but ones with the ability to handle a wide variety of printing for specialty or unique items, as well as non-standard surfaces. Our knowledge of printer applicators allows us to advise customers on how to integrate print and apply into their overall workflow. Each label must exit with the correct information: date, time, location, batch, route, address, etc.

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

We are a distributor of CTM Labeling Systems. We have also worked with other kinds of printer applicators. At some point you may require an upgrade because of age, speed, or even a new use or application that was not a past consideration. Count on PrintFlex Graphic’s experience to make sure your purchase meets all of your various needs. We are not just in the equipment business. We are in the advice business!

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