Thermal Products

Having been involved in the printing business for so many years, we have a wealth of knowledge that naturally applies to thermal products. While many consider thermal products themselves a commodity, the knowledge gained from working with these products over the years is not. Save time and money by ordering through us!

Proven Thermal Products Success

Because we manufacture thermal transfer labels in bulk, we get great prices and pass them onto you. Choose from dozens or hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes, materials, adhesives, and more. Even better, we have worked with all kinds of different companies and brands. Just want a quick quote? We can do that. Looking for a little bit of advice and know how? We can do that too!

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

At some point, you will need more than just a direct thermal or thermal transfer label. You are going to want a different printer, a new printhead, some ribbon, or even software. Maybe you need to print and apply at higher speeds. Because PrintFlex Graphics works across all the various thermal printing products, we are in a unique position to help and advise you. All you have to do is ask.

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We have years of experience creating solutions for our clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results. Click to Request a Quote. To talk about your custom needs, contact customer service at 800-406-7093.