Direct Mail Add-Ons

Direct Mail Add-Ons are membership cards, gift cards, promotional cards, scratch-off game dots, sweepstake dots, and other items applied to a large direct mail piece. The card add-ons and game add-ons help direct mail marketers and direct mail houses increase the interest level as well as the effectiveness of direct mail exponentially.

Proven Direct Mail Add-On Success

Direct Mail Add-Ons allow direct mail to stand out in the mind of recipients. Gift and promotional cards have the look and feel of something more substantial, flexible, and valuable than ordinary coupons, while scratch-off and sweepstakes dots asks the you to interact, have fun, and take a chance by marketing an unknown element. Direct Mail Add-Ons can boost brand awareness, encourage product trial, and increase spending.

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

Applying cards and scratch-off dots to direct mail is our expertise. Card adhesive must be strong enough during transport, but easy enough for recipients to remove. Scratch-off dots are labels with clear backings that are put on top of the direct mail piece so as to hide a message underneath. The challenge is not only applying the add-ons, but doing so at high speeds, in a consistent way, on multiple surfaces and surface sizes.

Custom Direct Mail Add-On Solutions

We have years of experience creating custom solutions for clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results described in our case studies. To talk about your custom needs, contact us by calling 800-406-7093.

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