Promotional Products

Our expertise is in making and implementing promotional products! We look at the overall package when consulting clients and come up with solutions for your marketing and promotional needs. Even more, we ensure marketing integrates with manufacturing, packaging, and plant operations. We do more than coupons! Our focus goes further and includes implementing promotional products into the overall production stream.

Proven Promotional Product Success

On-pack and in-pack promotion? Games codes? Sweeptstakes? Direct marketing that actually grabs your attention? Upselling and cross selling to the customers looking on the shelf or already buying your product? With two out of three shoppers not knowing which brand to choose, PrintFlex Graphics is an invaluable resource for improving your existing results and exploring many new promotional product ideas.

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Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

As an implementer, we give you solutions to problems rather than bids for products. We pride ourselves as being the bridge between marketing and manufacturing teams. By fully understanding each, we more easily implement a system that works properly and meets all needs, whether machine applied (in the plant) or hand applied (in the field).

Custom Promotional Product Solutions

We have years of experience creating custom solutions for clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results described in our case studies. To talk about your custom needs, contact us by calling 800-406-7093.