Folded Booklets

Folded booklets allow you to add product information (such as recipes) or place multiple coupons in the same amount of space a single coupon or label would use. Instead of only one coupon, you receive a variety of coupons in a multifold booklet. These provide extra value and incentive to purchase other products across an entire line of brands.

Proven Folded Booklet Success

Market to customers more effectively and efficiently when you maximize your cross promotions. Multifold booklets provide all the space you need to include as many coupons and as much information as you would like. Even better, a folded booklet can be printed and then used among a wide variety of products and brands. Encourage new product trial and brand loyalty as well as increased spending and cross promotion.

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

We print an assortment of folded booklets depending upon a variety of factors and marketing goals: the amount of information required, the materials being used, and the placement. Whether you are looking for an on-pack booklet, in-pack booklet, or near-pack booklet, we produce them all from a variety of materials and affix them to the packaging. Our booklets work in all environments: microwave, freezer, wet, dry.

Custom Folded Booklet Solutions

We have years of experience creating custom solutions for clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results described in our case studies. To talk about your custom needs, contact us by calling 800-406-7093.

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