Extended Text Booklet Labels

Extended text labels are folded booklets that attach to the sides of containers, cans, or bottles. To know proper use is of the utmost importance to purchasers. Often, extended fold booklet labels provide detailed information, directions, and instructions for chemical usage and disposal. They can also be a compliance tool or add marketing information.

Proven Success

Extended fold booklets are ideal when lots of information is needed on a package. Whether it is instructions or regulations, the focus is not promotion, but the need for information and compliance with FDA, EPA, and OSHA specifications. A multipage label can neither pop up nor pop out too far. It must adhere firmly during packaging and stocking, while ensuring that users can peel it and then often reseal it over and over.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in pressure sensitive label application, not just on our equipment, but all different kinds of applicators. Extended text labels can be hard to feed, tricky to place, and difficult to roll correctly. Extended booklets are often required on packaging. Luckily, we understand what goes into the entire manufacturing process whether it is modifying your existing label equipment, user friendly design, or proper shipping and storing.

Custom Solutions

We have years of experience creating custom solutions for clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results described in our case studies. To talk about your custom needs, contact us by calling 800-406-7093.

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