Packaging and Promotional Products for the Food and Beverage Industry

Make Your Products Stand Out on the Shelves 

PrintFlex Graphics (PFG) provides quality products, excellent customer service, and fast turnaround to support promotional and packaging materials for the food and beverage industry.

Better Position Your Products

When it comes to food and beverages, products can really fly off the shelves…but only if you manage to grab people’s attention.

At PrintFlex Graphics, we have over 25 years of experience working within the food and beverage industry, and we can help marketers position their products to be competitive in any grocery or convenience store environment. We are uniquely positioned to help your brand achieve in-store visibility, while managing production and maintaining quality control of your package-based promotions.

Here’s How We Do It

We’ve partnered with a number of food and beverage companies to produce high quality, highly attractive packaging and promotions. We’ve done this in two ways.

First, PFG has the industry experience to source appropriate materials for any specific application, and the capabilities to produce and apply them in-house at our facilities. This option is great for customers who want a more turnkey solution.

We also have the operational expertise and equipment to work with plant managers to implement applications on the line with products. We can help identify, configure, and source equipment to implement into your operational setup as well. This can help streamline the production process and get products out the door and onto shelves faster.

Some examples of the kinds of promotional printing capabilities we have in house include:

  • Labels. Your label needs to be easy to read and understandable. PFG has the tools, experience, and knowledge to get your product noticed while still following necessary guidelines.
  • Stickers. High-quality stickers can attract attention, offer a promotion, or add additional information to an existing package or label.
  • Flag Labels. These on-pack coupons are often used for immediate use at checkout, not only reaching end-users at the point of purchase, but allowing flexibility and timeliness for promotions through manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. 
  • POP and POS. POP (Point of Purchase) and POS (Point of Sale) items put your brand message or promotion right where the buyer makes the purchasing decision: On, near, below, over, or next to the aisle or shelf where a product is located.
  • FDA Approved Inserts. FDA approved inserts are placed inside consumer packaged products, allowing you to market to consumers already buying your product. They are made of food safe materials approved by the FDA.
  • Folded Booklets. Folded booklets allow you to add product information (such as recipes) or place multiple coupons in the same amount of space a single coupon or label would use.

Our labels, stickers, and packaged-based promotional solutions can accommodate any shape or material, including bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, film wrappers, jars, pouches, tubes, and wicketed bags.  PFG will help take your idea from concept to production, making it ready for store shelves. 

Examples of How We Help the Food and Beverage Industry

While every industry has its challenges when it comes to packaging and promotions, it’s not an understatement to say that the food and beverage has more than its fair share of obstacles. Our team has the experience and equipment to solve the trickiest of problems and ensure high quality, always.

For example, we’ve done projects with:

  • Wicketed Bags. We can apply coupons as wicked bags are being made, before the bags are shipped to the packaging plant. PrintFlex is unique because our experienced team understands how wicket bag making equipment works and how to interface an applicator to the bag making process.
  • Hot dog and Sausage Cases. Packages with meat products go through a pasteurization process that subjects them to moisture and temperature swings, all of which is hard on traditional labels. We’ve researched materials and developed a process that can withstand pasteurization and keep labels and promotional materials intact.
  • Microwave Safe Inserts and Coupons. Coupons inside a package can provide a useful cross sell, but can turn into a mess if customers miss them. We helped develop a microwave safe coupon for a leading U.S. food manufacturer.

…and more. Think films? We’ve done it. Preventing package damage? That too. Sorting systems? Adhesives research? Done and done!

Woman-Owned and Operated 

As an Inc. 5000 company that is woman-owned and WBE-certified, our years of experience in the industry help you bridge the gap between marketing and operations. We can help you take your business to the next level through our innovative packaging and promotional equipment and operational support.

Don’t Settle For Second Best

PrintFlex Graphics has developed tools and processes to ensure food and beverage product packaging and promotions meet quality, service, and demand standards. Get started today by getting in touch with a PFG team member