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We are proud to offer 3 specific equipment videos showing how real value and return on investment were created for different customers. From developing marketing ideas and strategies that increase sales to using new technologies that decrease the cost of doing business, we help clients take advantage of recent marketing trends and manufacturing techniques to come up with a custom solution that meets specific goals.

Pouch Line Application

Pouch Line ApplicationThis video shows a labeling system set up by PrintFlex Graphics for a customer who had won a recent award in a “best taste” for their product category. Because of the award, the client sought to add labels to approximately 20 million pouches. The stickers call attention to the award and recognize the brand and company to users (and potential users) of the product. The application system was installed across multiple plants and lines, while the label needed to be consistently applied to specific area… View Video

High Speed Blow-On

High Speed Blow OnThis shows a blow-on applicator properly configured to apply a label or sticker on a high speed carton line. Because the package travels so quickly, the PrintFlex team made multiple adjustments to ensure the label not only adhered to the package properly, but also did so consistently and in a specific area. Previous plant and manufacturing expertise and knowledge led us to adjust vacuum tubes and label stop position. And a secondary impression brush ensured the coupon attached to the carton… View Video

Durasert Insertion

Durasert InsertionThis video shows coffee cans traveling across a line at a controlled rate, which allowed the customer to add a consistent promotion into the coffee can. This FDA approved “promotional insert” can often be a coupon, recipe, game or booklet. PrintFlex Graphics custom engineered a metering system so a that a controlled number of coffee cans traveled by at a controlled rate in order to ensure and allow consistent insertion into the coffee can for this particular package based promotion… View Video

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