Equipment Leasing

PrintFlex leases a variety of in-pack and on-pack application and insertion equipment due to the short term and cyclical nature of promotions. We have experience working with multiple types of equipment as well as long term relationships with a variety of equipment suppliers. Because we use labeling, inserting and printing equipment year round, we give you unbiased answers to equipment leasing questions and options.

Proven Equipment Leasing Success

PrintFlex leasing guarantees the equipment you receive is set up and optimized for the promotion you run. When leasing from us, equipment is never too old nor outdated and always comes cleaned and working correctly. We take equipment back when finished, freeing up valuable storage space. Instead of a capital expenditure from plant budget, equipment leasing can be put into marketing as a short term promotional expense.

Why Choose PrintFlex Graphics?

We are a distributor of CTM Labeling Systems, but we provide the most appropriate solution when leasing semi-automatic and automatic labeling equipment, promotional inserters, and other equipment. As a bonus, our leasing program can apply the cost of leasing towards eventual purchase of the equipment. This is the ideal for clients who might want to test drive leased equipment recommended by us before deciding to buy.

Custom Equipment Leasing Solutions

We have years of experience creating custom solutions for clients. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, leading to innovation and results described in our case studies. To talk about your custom needs, contact us by calling 800-406-7093.

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