University Custom Mailer

Everyone loves their school. So much so that people will go out of their way to show their school sup-port. If you run a school, one of the simplest and easiest ways to market yourself is by giving people a way to show their support for you. The trick is getting potential supporters something so useful, so valuable, and so unique (but still cost effective for you) that they see value right away!

Of course, there are challenges. A large state school wants to send out information about their new aquatic facility, some admission information, as well as a bumper sticker for supporters to display. However, putting all this into an envelope ensures everything goes straight into the trash can. The goal is for the receiver to “see” the value right away, similar to a direct mail postcard.

After discussions with the school, PrintFlex Graphics came up with a solution that successfully married postcard stock material and vinyl bumper sticker material into one unique sub-straight printing surface. This surface proved suitable not only for variable ink jet addressing, but also for weather resistant outdoor use, and for much less demanding, but still very important, indoor use.

The sizing conformed to US postal requirements and printed in such a way that one larger sticker could be placed on a car bumper, while three smaller stickers could be put on computers, desks, phones, notebooks, lockers, etc. Even better, the stickers could handle outdoor exposure while having a “repositionable adhesive” that enabled them to be picked up cleanly and then re-applied.

The new and totally unique postcard met multiple goals. It showed perspective students and incoming freshmen new features and benefits of the school, it notified them of scholarship applications deadlines in a fun way, and it gave them a trinket to show their pride. Plus, the school received lots of recognition, awareness, and promotion from students using the stickers.

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