Ultra-Fast Labeling? Think Outside The Roll!

Doing a packaged based promotion? Does marketing want an offer or engaging message to help sales? Obviously, you need the right equipment for application. However, even the best, most ideal equipment has a hard time keeping up with ultra-high speeds if you are constantly having to stop the line to switch out the rolls and get rid of the waste after the label or coupon is applied to the package.

Now start working with the biggest manufacturers of can-based food. Whether you are considering soups, vegetables, coffee, pet food, tuna, and so on, these ultra-fast lines just simply cannot be shut down (or slowed down) constantly to get a coupon or label applied. Running at high speeds is one of your competitive advantages and keeping those high speeds is imperative to your operations.

PrintFlex Graphics has developed a process, called Dense Pack Continuous Operation, where instead of changing rolls and removing waste, you use very concentrated amounts of labels lined up in rows inside a box. These “fan folds” allow lines to run uninterrupted and the waste from your labels are vacuumed and siphoned into a trash can. No stoppage and downtime. No switching and changing.

The result of Dense Pack Continuous Operation is no slow down on the line. This means no stopping or downtime to change applicator rolls or to remove waste. The equipment can now keep up with the fastest lines where products go at ultra-high speeds. Dense Pack for Continuous Operation means equipment can handle 1,500 units per minute just as well as 200 units per minute.

To learn more about Dense Pack Continuous Operation, please visit https://youtu.be/1DQlSvFWK1o

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