The Big Picture: Getting People Back In The Seats

PrintFlex Graphics Creates Innovative Stickers To Provide Peace of Mind To Patrons Heading Back to Venues


In March 2020, entertainment venues temporarily halted operations to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through the United States. As consumers are becoming more accustomed to social distancing protocols and confidence is building to return to live gatherings and events, venues are planning how to re-open.

We worked with a customer to help create a new product that would accomplish two goals: assure venue guests that they could safely enjoy their experience and ease the adoption of new COVID procedures for venue staff.

Our customer asked for a solution that would assure guests their experience in the theater was safe. Their team wanted to create a sticker that staff could apply to seats after cleaning to show guests that the environment had been cleaned and sanitized before their show. The stickers’ configuration needed to be flexible since our customer would use them universally amongst all seating types in multiple theaters.


As we set out to create the solution, we considered the staff’s challeng- es as they would be using the stickers in the environment. The stickers would need to be easy and quick to apply since team members would only have a short window of time between showings to clean and pre- pare the next wave of guests’ seating area. We also knew it was import- ant that the sticker adhesive could securely adhere to the seat and be easily removed without leaving residue behind.

We got to work formulating a universal sticker that would adhere to various surfaces — plastic, wood, and upholstery—without leaving residue behind. We tested multiple adhesives in our facility and provid- ed samples to the customer so the venues could test them in the field.

Once we landed on the right removable adhesive and design for the sticker, our team created a packaging approach and application process that would be simple for their staff. Using a unique die-cutting method, we made the stickers in continuous paper bands packaged on conve- nient rolls. This continuous paper band made it efficient for the theater staff to quickly attach the stickers to the seats between showings. The roll design also allowed for smooth handling, shipping, and storage of the stickers.


With our customers’ new seat stickers, venues can show their guests that their health and safety are top of mind. The stickers’ roll design has created an easy and quick solution to adhering them to seats, saving team members time as they complete the sanitation process. Since our initial creation, our customer has ordered additional rolls of stickers, providing assurance of a safe and comfortable environment for guests as they make their way back to venues.

Our goal at PrintFlex Graphics is to create an innovative and efficient solution to your packaging and promotional material needs. As an extension of your business, we utilize our technical engineering expertise, vast industry knowledge, and creativity to create solutions that will make a positive impact on your business as we all adapt to this “new normal.”

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