Teen Titan Tattoos for Tyson Foods

How do you engage children while also involving parents? How do you create an effective cross promotional piece where the distribution is meant to go to both the parents and to their children? And even further, how do you combine the overall package based promotion with a strategy that includes an ability to capture decision makers (parents) information via their mobile phones with a proprietary web application?This is particularly the case when the customer wants to marry two important components. You have a premium for the child, which in this case is a Teen Titan tattoo, while you also have a field applied folded booklet. This booklet needs to adhere firmly and survive the freezer section while coming off cleanly, without tearing, so the premium and the instructions remain intact and there is a clear leave behind.

PrintFlex Graphics was furnished with the Teen Titan tattoos and found a way to incorporate both the tattoos and the instructions into a booklet, which could be folded and glued in a very specific way in order to be hand applied out in the field. The booklet attached firmly enough to survive the freezer environment while also detaching cleanly enough to offer a clean premium with further instructions.

The Teen Titan tattoos themselves not only offered children a premium, but the multifold booklet that came with it included clear, intact instructions that explained how the parent could download the Evoke App and have the tattoo “dance” on the child’s skin. This 3rd party app also allowed for further interaction with the customer and additional engagement opportunities. All from a package based promotion.

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