Surviving a Hot Bath With Sausages And Hot Dogs

Have you ever seen the production of sausages and hot dogs? Probably not! So let us give you a quick primer. Some sausages or hot dogs must be pasteurized after the sausage and hot dogs are packaged. This makes the package very hot and wet, then very cold. This process is great for killing harmful bacteria and for preserving the meat. However, the process also makes it hard on labels and coupons.

Now start working with a customer who is interested in applying coupons before pasteurization, but after years of trying with multiple vendors, have been unable to find an ideal solution. If they put them on before the hot bath, the heat would melt the labels. If they put them on after the hot bath, the package would be so wet (with water, moisture) that labels would not stick. The coupons would fall right off.

PrintFlex stepped in and developed an IRC coupon with special inks, coatings, materials, and adhesives that could be applied prior to pasteurization, go through the process, and come out undamaged. This coupon not only survived the high heat (up to 180°), it also survived the following chilled water bath (down to 35°). It could withstand high temperature, low temperature, and water submersion.

The final result was an IRC coupon that stayed completely intact and attached throughout the entire supply chain and on through the distribution channels. From manufacture and productions through transport, storage, and shelving, the customer could be confident in a label that was reliable in size, quality, and placement. By partnering with us, the client found the ideal, correct solution.

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