Solving Your Hang Downs With Our Hang Ups

Clients spend a lot of time and effort on the design and copy of the packaging. So the last thing they want is a promotional or informational label that hangs down and blocks the branding, marketing, or necessary legal and compliance information. There is a resistance to anything (even a neck hangar, bottle necker, or bottle neck tag) covering up valuable product or packaging information.However, the one thing that is often ignored is the empty space above the package. This valuable real estate is consistently wasted. Oftentimes, it is just a “mindset” that any sort of label must always hang down. However, PrintFlex Graphics has come to the realization that it can be even more effective and just as easy to hang labels up or out. Customers have just never thought about doing it.

When clients see a need for an informational or promotional piece, but want to avoid covering up packaging, PrintFlex Graphics works with them to print labels that more or less defy gravity and stick straight up or out (to the side, at a certain diagonal, and so on). Our team considers height, width, surface, adhesive, and more to ensure that a particular label remains rigid and effective.

Customers are surprised by just how easy it is to apply “outside the box” thinking to tried and true labeling techniques. Filling this wasted and available space with new design and copy mean clients’ products received more attention from consumers. And options for secondary messages are endless when there is an ability to hang up or out without covering or compromising packaging.

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