Recognizing Bacon Packages For Label Application

A customer wanted to announce their new flavoring on packages of bacon. However, the big issue was that the manufacturer or producer of the bacon was creating multiple kinds of bacon – all at the same time. All the bacon packages came down the line randomly and intermittently, but only certain brands of bacon packages required label application. Other bacon packages needed to be ignored.
Thus, the main problem was how to recognize the right package and then only apply labels to those packages. But on top of the basic recognition issue, there was also the issue of package damaging from the label merging and application system. This was because the film on top of the bacon package is very thin and sensitive; so much so that a previous vendor had damaged packages when applying labels.

PrintFlex Graphics helped the client create a label that would ensure that customers knew the bacon was processed with natural smoke and cured for 12 hours. We developed a vision system that would pick up the logo on all of the packages. The logo would be used as a trigger to apply the label. And if the logo was not on the package of bacon, then the vision system would know to ignore it.

The result was a system that could now recognize and pick out the right packages for label application. The vision recognition made the machines smart enough to be able to pick out the correct brand in a mixture of different brands and only select those for labeling. We also worked with the client to get the application correct in order to stop package damage. By partnering with us, the client found the ideal, correct solution.

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