Printed Leave Behinds Maximize Your Branding

Clients are always trying to maximize the value of their branding, but the focus was on the removable promotion (or pieces). That piece often provides coupons, recipes, or perhaps an ideal opportunity to cross sell. The piece could also provide customers with instructions, directions, or necessary legal or compliance information. The pieces are often instant redemption coupons, folded booklets, etc.However, the one thing that gets consistently ignored? The “real estate” that remains on the package after that removable promotion or piece is taken off and used. This is a truly ideal spot that gives clients a great opportunity to get another branding message across. And this branding message might get even more attention. Why? Because it stays on the package and with customers over a longer period!

Instead of just clear leave behinds, PrintFlex Graphics is now helping clients create white printed leave behinds where a secondary, yet often just as important, branding messages can be communi-cated to customers. Examples could include a photo of a “New Product Coming” or “Find Out More” at their website. Clear leave behinds are still available, but secondary message options are endless.

The result is a way to leave behind important branding information with a customer. And this is not as quickly used and discarded, so even calling this ”secondary” is a bit of a misnomer. Our ability to put additional information on prime packaging real estate is just another new and creative way to reach customers and increase engagement after the actual promotional piece has been used

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