Less Hassle; Big Results. Flag Labels With No Coupon

Clients often need a quick way to engage customers and stimulate trial without having to go through all the hassles (in time, effort, and expense) of setting up a redemption process. These customers request some sort of package violator or brand violator that is easily applied on the outside of the packaging and will not cover up information. Something with a clear coat that stands out, but removes easily.

A number of questions needed to be answered. Can you still drive engagement and grab a consumers’ attention without using a promotional coupon? What kind of brand violator could be implemented to encourage trial without covering up important information on the product’s package? Is there a way to cut cost and create a quick turn-around so it can get on product being shipped out to stores?

PrintFlex Graphics helped create “Try Me!” and “New!” flag labels that hang off the package in order to catch consumers’ attention. These labels attach with a clear tape, do not cover up information, and affix to and then detach from the package quite easily. In certain parts of the store, any airflow has the added benefit of making the flag label flap, which draws even more customer attention to the product.

The result was increased sales, trial, and engagement at point of sale with no promotional liability. A perceived value on products that include flag labels remains high while clients saved on both the cost and complication of adding redemption. With no expiration date and no need to segregate inventory, clients could invest more in creating quality labels that engage customers at point of purchase.

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