Instructions Inside a Removable Pouch

Have you ever opened a package and wondered where the instructions went? Or received an item and put it aside without including any instructions? What if the instructions could be found easily by attaching them right to the item? The instructions would be protected from any outside elements. And even more, the instructions would be removed easily. This is not a sticker, but a peel-off or pull off pouch.

The instructions are quite large and come in one big piece, which must be folded and inserted into a pouch properly. The challenge is who can make a pouch large enough that it does not damage the integrity of the booklet while also coming up with the right mix of adhesive so that the pouch adheres firmly, but peels off and removes easily. It cannot damage the window nor tear the instruction booklet.

PrintFlex Graphics took the offset folded booklets and put them inside a sealed pouch that can adhere firmly and remove easily. The instructions were easily accessible with no sticking and no need to tear open any plastic. Even more, the pouch had printed black text around the pouch border and the laminate that the encapsulated booklets could survive the weather and elements of an outside construction site.

There was no longer a need for larger, more expensive cardboard boxes with expanded content instructions dropped inside. The customer could just attach instructions to the windows and use smaller pieces of cardboard on the top and bottom for shipping. And in addition, the frustrations of accessing instructions inside pouches that use adhesive that stick too much and need to be torn open were fully resolved.

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