Why Customers Trust PrintFlex When Expanding Product Lines (And Why You Should Too)

How PrintFlex Graphics Expertise Transformed a Premier Chemical Manufacturers’ Products to Fit in New Commercial Industry Space.

Our Customers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for hand sanitizer increased by 1400%. Specializing in chemical manufacturing for industrial hard surface cleaning and treatment solutions, our customer found the increased demand for degreasers and cleaning agents presented a gap in the market that could be capitalized upon by producing hand sanitizer for commercial use.

Our Challenge

As primarily an industrial supplier, our customer produced large drums of product in bulk volume. Developing a product for distribution through retail outlets required packaging in smaller, shelf-ready volumes and something they hadn’t had to source before—product labels. Once they got their production and packaging lines set up, their Brand Manager reached out to PrintFlex Graphics about labels for their one-gallon containers.

Our Path to Results

Marketing products like hand sanitizer requires compliance with FDA labeling specifications for over-the-counter drugs. Our team has experience with working with these products and managing labeling to adhere to FDA regulations. Because of the information and inclusions mandated by the FDA, the one-gallon containers needed a multi-ply label to allow for expanded content in a condensed format. Because label creation was not a capability our customer’s group possessed in-house, our team at PrintFlex brought in a partner to design labels to satisfy regulatory and marketing objectives.

While the gallon containers of hand sanitizers were in production, the customer saw market demand growth in the sanitization wipes category. Their team decided to expand their commercial line to include these wipes. The integration of this new product called for an additional type of packaging requiring a label. They offered up a new challenge to our PrintFlex team; developing new labels that would fit these differently shaped tapered tubs, unlike the cylindrical gallons. A unique die-cut method was designed so that the label would wrap around the tub smoothly.

Our PrintFlex Graphics’ team began to run tests for the new labels using their die and label stock on sample containers for quality assurance. We provided their team several templates of a gallon container and the label sizing that would fit, highlighting best practices. We noticed they were using a manual application method when placing labels onto their containers on a trip to visit their production line and operational process. Our team made recommendations, finding a way to optimize and automate their label application process. We sourced and created custom equipment enabling our customer to focus on aspects of the production process that could not be fully automated, increasing speed and labor efficiency.

We continued our service by teaching the customer how to use the equipment, adhering to the label, troubleshooting, and creating their first rolls. Not only did we instill confidence in our customer’s team, but we also streamlined their labor, creating production efficiencies for their company.

The Results

With PrintFlex Graphics assistance, our customer has streamlined and automated their labeling process, saving labor costs, and production time. Before PrintFlex’s team implemented new labeling equipment, they struggled to release one truckload of products per day. They have nearly tripled their production with our assistance and can now produce approximately five truckloads of products in the same timeframe. With twenty-four skids per truck, our client can make thousands of packages per day. Our customer’s labeling process and subsequent education on new equipment ensured confidence in creating high quality, fast, and consistent sanitizing materials.

In addition to all of the logistical accomplishments, our customer successfully implemented a new set of product lines to their business in uncharted territory, enabling new revenue streams during a time of economic crisis. Our customer was able to improve their products’ efficiency and contribute to increasing the availability of personal sanitization products during a health crisis.

With the proper education surrounding the new equipment and labeling process, our clients have new confidence in their product line.


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