Finishing Your Way? More Options With Us!

What is interesting about printing is customers often cater to the capabilities of the printer instead of thinking about what they actually want. Why? Because they simply do not know options exist. So, they compromise without thinking about what they need. Of course, it takes time and effort on the part of the vendor to explain (and the customer to understand) the options for what might work best.This is particularly the case when it comes to finishing work. Printers are in the habit of always bidding the lowest price. Then they ship it out to customers without considering or thinking about the finishing work their customer still must do to create the necessary rolls, strips, sheets, etc. The finishing work is often time and labor intensive and includes distributing and shipping to multiple locations.

PrintFlex Graphics has the capability to do all of the necessary finishing work a customer requires. From fully-automatic, to semi-automatic, to hand-applied, we will do 6” rolls to 18” rolls, strips, sheets, dense packs, small rolls from 10 to 1,000 pieces, and more. Then PrintFlex Graphics will shrink wrap and drop ship it to the client’s distribution list at locations across the United States. We do the work!

PrintFlex Graphics saves client’s time by taking this work off their plate. No more taking large rolls and making them into smaller rolls, strips, and sheets. Instead of always getting it “this certain way” clients have the option to get it the way they want or need it. We do so many types of finishing – so often – that it just makes it easier for clients when they allow us to do the finishing work for them.

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