Delimex Microwavable Insert

The old adage says “Your best customer is your existing customer!” Someone already buying and using your product is someone very likely to redeem a coupon in order to do so again. But how do you effectively target existing customers? If you are a leading U.S. food manufacturer, then an idea is placing a coupon inside the package where the consumer of your product is sure to find it.

Of course, there are risks. Coupons break down in the brittle cold of the freezer or the searing heat of the microwave. Consumers forget to remove the insert. Inside the microwave, the insert not only ruins the food, but destroys itself as well. After all your time and effort, you’re left with unusable food, a failed coupon program, and most significantly, angry and unhappy consumers.

In a meeting with a leading U.S. food manufacture, PrintFlex Graphics was asked to manufacture a microwave safe coupon. Working with the help of a top plastic manufacturer, a patented FDA Approved food grade insert was developed. The food grade insert could stand up to the rigors of extreme cold in storage and heat in cooking without breaking up or melting into the food product.

As far as marketing, the U.S. food manufacturer instituted a basic cross reference coupon promotion. The FDA approved coupon inserts were placed into small, high volume “self serve” packages with the expectation consumers would return to purchase the bigger, more expensive “family size” packages in the future. If they’ll buy a little, then up-sell and see if they’ll buy more!

By producing a microwave safe FDA approved insert, PrintFlex Graphics was able to take an inexpensive, smaller, higher volume product and promote a larger, more expensive package to customers already purchasing the single serve product. The food manufacturer no longer risked damaging both product and promotion piece, especially when left in the package inadvertently.

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