Chemical Company Extended Text Booklet Labels

Everyone knows about extended text labels. You often see them stuck to the side of packages and they usually include multiple coupons or more detailed instructions. However, what happens when you start taking that concept to the extreme? When do extended text booklets that fold and stick to small containers become a problem? And how do you get them to stick there anyways?

Now start working with one of the world’s leading chemical company, which happens to need a folded booklet stuck to the side of a container. It can’t pop out too much when packaged and stocked. It requires adhesive that releases and reseals the booklet so that end users gets explicit instructions on how to use and dispose of the product. Finally, it needs to work on various sizes and types of packaging.

Luckily, PrintFlex Graphics is ideally suited to just this type of customer. PrintFlex Graphics knows just how much adhesive is needed so the booklet does not tear during opening, but still reseals effectively when the user finishes reading the directions and/or specifications for the chemical. And of course, the reseal has to work on different shapes, sizes, and surface types.

PrintFlex Graphics also knows just how much pop out can be afforded so you can maximize the amount of information that is included on the booklet. Depending on the surface shape and size, more information can be added or subtracted. Different font sizes and types can be used with different types of folded booklets to create the marketing design and branding look you want.

PrintFlex Graphics worked closely to not only produce the Extended Text Booklet Labels, but to also make sure they worked correctly in their environment. They firmly stuck and did not release during shipment and stocking, which is very important from a marketing stand point. At the same time, consumers found them usable and informative, which made the final product more effective.

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