Battery Pack Music Download

“Ride the Wave! Jump on the Bandwagon!” The iPod is the latest, greatest, hottest and hippest electronics product and you’re a leading battery company. You want to drive battery sales and iTunes wants to drive music downloads. It’s the perfect cross promotion opportunity. All you need is an on-pack promotion that downloads iTunes while avoiding any theft at the point of purchase.

Of course, there are concerns. You want to prevent theft in a retail environment geared towards youth. You also realize the on-pack promotion piece needs to stick squarely on top so the “wings” don’t extend beyond the sides of the “blister-card” packaging. So not only does the promotion piece require correct sizing, but the actual placing on the package requests perfection as well.

After meeting with the battery company, PrintFlex Graphics determined a perforated coupon would be an inferior solution. Perforated coupons could be torn off too easily. A better solution was a fully encapsulated and tamper resistant on-pack promotion. The on-pack promotion would require consumers to “cut” off the packaging in order to access the iTunes download information.

As far as marketing, the download information on each on-pack promotion piece was printed with variable data so no duplication could occur. In short, each and every on-pack promotion piece was uniquely identified, fully encapsulated, and permanently sealed for security. Finally, the on-pack promotion piece was formatted small enough to fit on the front of a blister pack card.

The cross promotion with iTunes increased battery sales and reduced theft. By tying into market trends, the battery company was able to raise awareness and establish their brand with the youth market. Even better, this promotion effectively circumvents any POP or POS rules. The battery company cross promotion with iTunes does not violate “clean store policies” of major retailers.

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