Applying To Wicketed Bags? Experience Is Key!

Boxes and cans are pretty simple. You know when they come down the line that the surface is always even and stable. The trick is when you have a softer surface with an application area that is harder to access or reach. Even if you can figure out a way to get in there, you still have to figure out a way to get the label or coupon to adhere without slowing down or jamming up the bag forming line.

Now start working with customers who use wicketed bags for items such as potatoes, fresh produce, bread, ice, and so on. It is imperative customers use the right kinds of labels with the right adhesive and the right orientation so that the bag forming process does not jam. PrintFlex Graphics looks at all the variables and makes sure everything is correct and in place so that there is no line stoppage or downtime.

PrintFlex Graphics applies the coupon as the wicked bags are being made; before the bags are shipped to the packaging plant. PrintFlex is unique because our experienced team understands how wicket bag making equipment works and how to interface an applicator to the bag making process. Whether you want the coupon placed on the top, side, or end of the wicketed bag, we can help.

Experience is critical no matter what packaged based promotion you choose. You no longer have to go between equipment and printing vendors. Our years of working with all kinds of customers allow us to integrate the equipment with the promotion so you can save money with less labor and less downtime. As a sole-source one-stop-shop, we partner with you to find the ideal, correct solution.

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