Agency Provided Secure Pin Code

Back printing is always challenging for customers, especially when you are back printing directly on an adhesive surface. Likewise, variable printing can be challenging, but it is needed to drive consumers to your website with a unique personal identification number (PIN) that is uploaded from an excel spreadsheet. Finally, you need security. Users must purchase to access the PIN.

Basically, printing variable on adhesive is difficult and risky. Do you print everything first and then go back and add the adhesive later? All of a sudden you are adding time and expense to what is normally a do-it-all-at-once process. And of course, adding multiple steps is always a way to add multiple problems into the mix. Suddenly, you are looking at a complicated and costly solution.

In a meeting with a large agency, PrintFlex Graphics was asked to help deliver a secure, timely, and cost effective solution. It was surprisingly simple. PrintFlex Graphics came up with a process to not only print, but to variable back print right onto the adhesive. Instead of multiple steps, you could now simply ink jet print directly on the adhesive surface with little to no complications at all.

As far as design, users could not peel off the label without destroying the product wrap. The user had to purchase and remove the product wrap to view the secure PIN code on the back of the label. As far as streamlining the process and keeping costs low, with fewer steps there were fewer problems, which meant less overall expense. PrintFlex had engineered a secure product that was both better looking (for marketing) and lower costing (for manufacturing).

By producing an effective way to print a “Winning Label on Back” with variable printing directly onto the adhesive, PrintFlex Graphics solved a number of potential problems and delivered a superior product at a lower cost. Even better, PrintFlex Graphics proved an ideal non-threatening partner for agencies looking to team up with someone cost effective yet technically savvy too.

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